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What is Aikido

Aikido, “Way of Spiritual Harmony”, is a Japanese martial art based on the principle of non-conflict. It was founded by Morihei Ueshiba, O’sensei, who trained and mastered various traditional Japanese martial arts such as Jujutsu and kenjutsu (swords). O’sensei also did extensive spiritual training, and developed this unique martial art.

The purpose of using aikido techniques is not to hurt an opponent but to bring the opponent’s violence or force under control. One defends by first blending with an attack, and then using circular movements to redirect the attack into a throw or immobilization. In other words, aikido focuses on creating harmony between the attacker and defender, and bringing the conflict to a peaceful resolution.

There is no competition in Aikido. Training is done in a cooperative manner allowing students of different level to practice together.  The training helps develop and maintain one’s flexibility, stability, and coordination of both body and mind.  Because of its non-competitive nature, anyone can benefit from Aikido.

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